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At AL-RAFAY ENTERPRISEs, our certified car care professionals can provide everything from basic oil changes to major engine repairs. With convenient locations and a range of expertise, your vehicle will get the quality service it deserves. Schedule an appointment online for services .Our main role is to diagnose the problem accurately and quickly. We often have to quote prices for our customers before commencing work or after partial disassembly for inspection.

Our job may involve the repair of a specific part or the replacement of one or more parts as assemblies.

Basic vehicle maintenance is a fundamental part of a mechanic's work in modern industrialized countries while in others they are only consulted when a vehicle is already showing signs of malfunction. Preventative maintenance is also a fundamental part of a mechanic's job, but this is not possible in the case of vehicles that are not regularly maintained by a mechanic. One misunderstood aspect of preventative maintenance is scheduled replacement of various parts, which occurs before failure to avoid far more expensive damage. Because this means that parts are replaced before any problem is observed, many vehicle owners will not understand why the expense is necessary.

With the rapid advancement in technology, the mechanic's job has evolved from purely mechanical, to include electronic technology. Because vehicles today possess complex computer and electronic systems, mechanics need to have a broader base of knowledge than in the past.

Due to the increasingly labyrinthine nature of the technology that is now incorporated into automobiles, At Alrafay auto Repair We  now provide sophisticated diagnostic computers to each technician, without which they would be unable to diagnose or repair a vehicle.

We  provides honest and reliable automotive repair and maintenance services by hiring Certified Technicians in Karachi providing clear and easy to understand estimates (separating parts and labor) and details in regards to repair and maintenance services (so you can understand what you're paying for!), and personalized service with each visit.We do everything in our power not only to meet customer expectations, but also to exceed them. We work on cars, because at the end of the day, it's what we love doing

Opening Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 10:30 AM - 8:00 PM


Phone  021-35383616
Cell      0311 2134485
Situated at D.H.A Phase 2 

  Shop No 4 ground floor ,Building 15C on 13 commercial street Phase 2-Extention

About Us


  •  Automobile repair needs ranging from steering and suspension work to heating and air conditioning checks to installing a remanufactured engine or transmission.

  • Regular car service scheduled maintenance items which include oil change and lube, alignment, brakes, fluid flushes, air filters, cabin air filters, and more

  •  Detailing services ranging from seat and carpet shampooing to leather seat treatment [on small cars to large RVs]

  •  Not to exclude our other areas of automobile repair and service: Tires, Batteries,











Our Services


​- Complete Computer Diagnostics

- Complete Safety Analysis

- Drivability Problems

- Tune - ups

- Oil Changes

- Tires

- Brake repair specialist

- Catalytic converter Replacement/Cleaning

- Steering and Suspensions

- Alignments

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Hybrid Battery Service


Al-RAFAY is a company specializing in repairing your defective Hybrid battery pack at a reasonable cost. We are located in Karachi and service most of Sindh areas. If your hybrid car has been diagnosed with a defective battery by the dealer or mechanic then we can help you with the repair of your hybrid battery. We repair Toyota Prius Hybrid Batteries for the years 2001-2009 and 2010-1015. . We Also provide Hybrid Battery Service to other brands such as Honda. One of the biggest concerns for hybrid electric vehicle owners is replacing the costly high voltage battery after it has failed or is starting to fail. Knowing this can be stressful to any hybrid owner, especially since a dealership do not cater and not have know how to fix hybrid engines. Al-Rafay Hybrid realizes this and that is why we provide professional, high-quality and timely hybrid battery replacement services for most hybrid vehicles on the road today. We can install our own NEW or refurbished hybrid battery for a much more affordable price. For more information on our Hybrid battery replacement services please see our Hybrid Battery Replacement page or feel free to call us. Al-Rafay Auto Repair Hybrid’s in-shop services include hybrid vehicle battery testing and replacement and all mechanical and electrical repair and maintenance for your Hybrid vehicle. Please Contact us to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

  • Carbon Cleaning and Calaytic convertor Service


    The catalytic converter is a component of the exhaust system that is essential to controlling vehicle emissions. It does so by converting toxic pollutants in the exhaust gases to less toxic pollutants and water, this is done by a oxidation and reduction method. When a catalytic converter fails it is essential it is immediately replaced.

    The process of converting exhaust gas toxic pollutants is a sophisticated one. The core of the converter is a ceramic monolith with a honeycomb filter structure. There is a film of precious metal that’s on top of the monolith which at high heat intercepts and decompose the toxins as they travel through the converter.

    Manufacturers claim that a catalytic converter is designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle however it’s now common knowledge that they don’t and replacing the converter at least once during the lifetime of vehicle is to be expected.

    Brake Pads & Shoes


    Brake with fitting 

    Air,Oil,Fuel & A/c Cabin Filters

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