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There are around 10000 vehicles with hybrid ABS braking systems on the road and the demand for an alternative to OEM replacement has been steadily increasing recently,

After tasking its in house at Alrafay auto Repairs research and development team with the problem, it has identified a number of common faults with the hybrid ABS units found in the Toyota Prius,Aqua,Lexus and Camry models.
When a problem is detected in any of the systems, the Electronics Control Module (ECM) illuminates the ABS warning light in the instrument cluster to alert the driver that a malfunction has occurred. The code is then stored in the memory for access at a later time. The ABS control module will also store the diagnostic trouble codes for any ABS malfunction. Diagnostic trouble codes can then be accessed by the technician when completing a diagnostic scan of the vehicle.

According to our research done at Alrafay Auto the Toyota Camry Hybrid AHV40R 2.4L (built between 2010-2012) and the Toyota Prius Hybrid NHW20R 1.5L (built between 2003-2009) as well as the Toyota Prius Hybrid ZVW30R 1.8L (built between 2009-2016) have been identified as having an inherent design flaw from manufacture.













Through extensive investigation and research,
We at replacing an ABS module, before removing the unit from the vehicle, We check and record all fault codes and this information should be supplied, along with any other diagnostic information,
Common faults can include:
• ABS light on
• Hard brake pedal
• Fault code C1256 – Accumulator low pressure
• Fault code C1391 – Abnormal leak of accumulator pressure
• Fault code C1252 – Brake booster pump motor ON time abnormally long
• Fault code C1253 – Hydro booster pump motor relay function.









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