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Corporate Program

Companies that need to maintain a large fleet of vehicles usually require a trustable workshop that can handle repair and servicing works for multiple vehicles with a guaranteed quick turnaround timing. Our corporate fleet program is designed exclusively to assist companies and corporations with large fleets of vehicles. Here at Al-Rafay Auto Services, we promise to uphold our vows, and a whole lot more car maintenance.

The last thing you’d want to worry about is your car breaking down with issues while on the road. At Accord Auto Services, we offer various packages that are well-suited for companies of all sizes and diff types of car maintenance.

Tailored to Your Needs

All servicing and repair services offered at Al-Rafay Auto Services are covered under a quality assurance program. We offer bulk discounts for companies that have specific number of vehicles they want car maintenance and servicing for. These bulk discount packages can reduce the burden on your company’s expenditure without compromising any performances. The repairs and servicing will all be done by seasoned mechanics experienced with working on different makes and models. Appointments can be made through our website to consult with us on your company’s car maintenance needs and we will craft out the most suitable and compelling package specially for your company.

Reliability and Efficiency

We guarantee you the best in terms of reliability and efficiency once you hire us for your vehicles’ repairing and servicing needs. We understand most companies find it difficult to keep their vehicles in workshop for days, thus Accord Auto Services offer very quick turnaround time, and only use the most reputable brand-name parts, lubricants and materials for all vehicles. Just give us a call and make an appointment! We promise to not disappoint you with our services.

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