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BENDIX Brake Pads                                                             D6100

You can have absolute confidence when you fit Bendix brake pads. Bendix uses its worldwide resources to manufacture premium quality disc pads designed and tested for Australian conditions. Bendix offers one of the widest ranges incorporating the latest technological innovations such as the exclusive Titanium Stripe to deliver customers positive pedal feel out of the box and do away with bedding-in to save brake fitters valuable time. Bendix has a complete range of friction products, including shoe linings for drum brakes and brake cleaning agents.

Ceramic Technology:

  • Improved stopping performance
  • Low dust
  • Low rotor wear
  • Enhanced durability

Titanium Stripe:  

  • No bedding in…saves you time and money
  • Instant pedal feel from the first stop

Wide Range - more than 500 references available

NVH(Noise, vibration & harshness) Control - engineered and tested to eliminate noise & vibration


Brake MITSUBISHI Mirage karachi D.H.A

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