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Oil Leakage,Oil dripping,Car Repair & Auto Problems in Honda Civic Pakistan

The vast majority of leaks are due to degraded engine gaskets, oil pan leaks, oil seals or bad connections. There are number of Problem which might be Timing Cover Gasket,V Tech Sensor Seal, Hydraulic leaks from Power Steering oil.We at Al-Rafay auto repair got the technician and team to look and find the problem in your car.

An oil leak that is left alone can cause seals or rubber hoses to wear prematurely. Furthermore, oil leaks are a fire hazard and can cause your vehicle to fail without warning. If the oil catches fire or the engine fails while you are driving, there is potential for injury to yourself and others.

As long as the level of your engine oil doesn't drop below the minimum, there is no risk driving with a small leak. ... A small leak can quickly become a large leak. If this happens while you're driving, you could lose all your oil, which quickly leads to engine damage

For example, a leak in your valve cover gasket can allow oil to leak onto your exhaust manifold which is so hot it can cause smoke or even a fire making it a very dangerous leak. ... A leak, like a rear main seal leak, that is low on your engine will make a mess but won't put any other components at risk.

Degraded engine gasket. The most common cause of oil leaks occurs when the gasket, which is a seal that joins two metal components in the engine, breaks down. This occurs because oil creates sludge over time, which is harmful to the gasket.

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