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Corporate Vehicle Maintenance Services in Karachi

We only use high quality replacement parts, and certified technicians.Welcome to AL-RAFAY Service, a full-service preventive maintenance and automotive repair center. We perform high quality, guaranteed service you can trust at fair prices. We repair domestic and foreign vehicles and are your best choice for scheduled maintenance of your car, SUV, truck and fleet vehicles.AL-Rafay Service is family owned and operated and we use the latest diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is serviced correctly while maintaining your manufacturer's warranty. We only use high quality replacement parts, and certified technicians.

Your vehicle's engine is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment. Fuel Economy demand that today's vehicles be equipped with electronic engine control systems, to curb carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency. With technically-advanced control systems taking the place of simple engine components, common maintenance services such as tune-ups are also a thing of the past. Regular services (such as spark plug and filter replacements) are still required, as well as a computerized analysis of your vehicle's control computer. Our trained technicians are here to provide these basic services.

A network of sensors and switches convert and monitor engine operating conditions into electrical signals. The computer receives this information, and, based on information and instructions coded within this computer program, commands are sent to three different systems: ignition, fuel, and emission control. Whenever a problem arises (as seen by that nagging "check engine" light), our techs check whatever command is prompted, in addition to the status of your engine control computer and sensors. That way you'll know if your vehicle's performance is caused by a real problem, or just a sensor/computer issue.

Vehicle sensory components:
  • Mass airflow sensor

  • Throttle position sensor

  • Manifold absolute pressure sensor

  • Coolant temperature sensor

  • Exhaust oxygen sensor

  • Crankshaft position sensor

  • Camshaft position sensor

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Visual Inspection
  • Interior controls and blower

  • Radiator coolant level, hoses, pressure cap and thermostat

  • The A/C compressor belt for condition and tension

  • Leaks or other damage

  • Component condition, leaks or damage

Heating and Air Conditioning Tests
  • Pressure test engine cooling system

  • A/C system pressures are measured and compared to manufacturer's specifications

  • A/C system is leak tested

  • Both the heater and A/C are performance tested by checking the outlet air temperature at the discharge vents

Your vehicle's axle must bear the weight of your vehicle (plus any cargo) and the acceleration forces between you and the ground. So when it comes to axle inspection, we are your source for professional, knowledgeable service-essential for the equipment that carries you and your family to wherever you need to go. A drive axle is one that is driven by the engine. A drive axle is split between two half axles, with differential and universal s between them. Each half axle is connected to the wheel by a third joint-the constant velocity (CV) joint-that allows the wheels to move freely. This joint allows the shaft to rotate, transmitting power at a constant speed without a significant increase in friction and heat. CV joints are usually dependable, but, as is the case for all of your vehicle's moving equipment, they do require regular inspection. An easy way for you to tell if you need to see us for axle repair is to go out to a large space (such as a parking lot), and slowly drive in tight circles. If you hear a clicking or cracking noise, you have a worn joint, and it must be repaired immediately. We will have you back on the road, "click-free" in no time ! Make an Appointment

Follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendation, for oil changes based on your individual driving habits and conditions, and have the oil changed accordingly. Typically this can range anywhere from 3000 - 7,500 KMs. We will perform an oil and filter change service which includes a new filter, 5 quarts of new oil, using the oil type recommended for your vehicle, including synthetic blend, high-mileage, or full-synthetic oil. We will top off your fluids and we will check other filters, including the air filter, cabin filter, and fuel filter. We also check your vehicle's engine belts, hoses, and windshield wipers. As well as topping off all vehicle fluids.Make an Appointment

The primary function of your vehicle's suspension and steering systems is to allow the wheels to move independently of the vehicle, while keeping it "suspended" and stable. Any play or uncontrolled motion in these systems results in a deterioration of handling and accelerated tire wear. Vehicle alignment is closely tied to the condition of the suspension and steering systems. Steering Systems Worn or loose components affect the ability to control the toe angle, and may result in a loss of directional stability and accelerated tire wear. The main components of a Conventional system are:

  • Steering Gear Box

  • Center Link

  • Pitman Arm

  • Idler Arm

  • Tie Rods

The main components of a Rack and Pinion steering system are:

  • Rack and Pinion Assembly

  • Bellows Boots

  • Tie Rods

Suspension System Worn or loose components affect the suspension systems ability to control motion and alignment angles, resulting in a deterioration of vehicle handling and stability, and accelerated tire wear. The main components of the suspension system are:

  • Control Arms

  • Ball Joints

  • Springs (Coil or Leaf)

  • Shock Absorbers

  • Struts


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