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Hyundia & Kia Car repair in karachi

The Korean auto industry first began in 1967. The growth of Korean auto brands since then has been both steady and impressive. Today, with Hyundai and Kia leading the way, those two brands have made Korea the 5th largest builder of automobiles in the world.

At AlRafay's Workshop, our entry into the service and repair of Korean brand vehicles was motivated by the same values that led us to specialize in Japanese automobiles at our inception 50+ years ago. We chose to specialize in the service and repair of Japanese brand vehicles because, from a quality standpoint, we found them to be the best made, most reliable vehicles on the road. It became apparent to us early on that the fledgling Korean auto industry was also applying those same standards to the automobiles they were building. Out of that belief has come our commitment to develop our knowledge and skills in the service, repair and maintenance of the full line of Hyundai and Kia models as well as the Japanese brands we specialize in.

Of all the independently owned auto service providers currently operating in Karachi, . Using the most advanced diagnostic equipment available in our service center near theD.H.A plase 2 extention, we perform all regularly scheduled maintenance required to maintain the car on your Kia or Hyundai. And because we have been expertly servicing both brands for so long, our expertise extends to older model years as well. Every service we perform includes a thorough road test upon completion. We also send you a reminder postcard whenever your Hyundai or Kia is scheduled to be serviced.

The other thing you will totally appreciate about bringing your Hyundai or Kia to AlRafay is the opportunity to establish a one on one relationship with the tech or techs who work on your vehicle.


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