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Clutch kit,Clutch Pressure kit Replacement in Karachi at AlRafay Auto

A clutch kit is a cluster of manual transmission parts which includes a pressure plate, clutch disc, and a release bearing. When the clutch goes out, it is often best to replace the entire kit versus individual clutch parts. Individual part replacement can result in unexpected part failure due to the age of the different parts. Complete kit replacement insures all parts are of the same age. Clutch kits come either in standard, racing, or performance varieties depending on the particular need of the vehicle and driver preference.

However, a clutch kit does not include a flywheel. The clutch disc is mounted to the flywheel via the pressure plate. If the flywheel has mild wear, then it can most likely be resurfaced, but if it shows a higher level of wear including thermal cracks, it will require replacement. With higher performance clutch kits, lightweight aluminum flywheels are often included.

What are the most common clutch issues or problems?

Clutch Slipping – This problem usually happens when the clutch tries to engage, but the discs do not mate securely. This is most often due to operator error or abuse. The typical cause is riding the clutch, poor friction point, or oil contamination. Usually an adjustment will fix the problem before extensive damage can occur.

Clutch Sticking or Grabbing – this issues is a noticeable stick or grab of the gears, often called chattering. The problem could be one of the following: clutch cable needs to be replaced, the flywheel is warped or damaged, or oil contamination of the clutch linings has occurred.

Pedal to the Floor – first try adjusting the cable, if not then the clutch needs to be inspected.

Most Clutch problems can be discovered quickly just by listening to your vehicle as you shift gears. Early diagnosis can save major headaches in the long run.

We will gladly answer any of your questions and make sure you are getting the right part for your vehicle.

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