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Auto Glass & Windscreen Replacement Service in Karachi D.H.A

We feel we provide an essential safety service to the communities we serve, and people need to be able to safely operate their vehicles. It’s our job to help keep your vehicles safe. The glass in your car serves many essential safety functions, and your auto glass must be properly repaired or replaced to maintain your safety.


  1. The vehicle is prepared The vehicle’s body and interior are covered by a protective layer.

  2. Wipers are removed We do so to ensure the smooth removal of the windshield.

  3. The damaged glass is removed We remove all debris and excess glue from the windshield recess.

  4. The new windshield is prepared The windshield frame and new windshield both get a coat of primer. Bonding glue is then applied for flawless adhesion.

  5. The new windshield is installed The replacement windshield is installed with the use of exclusive, certified equipment and tools.

  6. Drying A minimum of 60 minutes is required for the new windshield to set.

  7. Cleaning The new windshield undergoes a deep cleaning to return to its original appearance.


We see an increasing number of advanced driver-assistance systems included in today’s vehicles. In many of these systems, a camera is installed on the upper part of the windshield as a way to prevent or reduce risks for the driver. In the process of replacing windshields, Speedy Glass® relies on cutting-edge technology for the recalibration of these cameras to meet the manufacturer’s standards. We do so to ensure the steady reliability of the advanced driver-assistance systems.1


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