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Kabuli Parts,Used Repaired Parts

The study found that Kabuli or Used parts were often could cause a car's safety equipment to malfunction in an accident. Automobile Engineers have warned that many cars on Karachi roads could be death-traps because of the number of fake Used Repaired (KABULI) spare parts being fitted.PAKISTAN STANDARDS AND QUALITY CONTROL AUTHORITY is calling for a crackdown on the trade in counterfeit car parts

"We've seen steering linkages Suspension Parts made of very low quality metal which would shear - if they haven't caused a death they certainly would at some stage," he said.

In the past, he said, counterfeit parts were mainly non-safety items such as wings and body parts. Now, counterfeit items such as brake pads, brake shoes and steering linkages are appearing on the market.

The problem for consumers is knowing which parts have been used,

"If you take your car in for a service you take in it at nine, pick it up at five and don't know what parts they've used on it," he said.

He said consumers should use reputable dealers and repairers, and if they are concerned to ask that only original parts are used.

"It may cost more but how much is your life worth?" Mr Ahmed said. "If you have a crash, who has the difference in cost there?"

However, car repairers may in turn have been duped over the provenance of the parts.


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