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P0A93 - Inverter Water Pump Failure

If you find out that your vehicle fault code is P0A93. You immediately need to replace your hybrid inverter cooling electric pump .The inverter converts the high-voltage direct current of the HV battery into the alternating current for the MG1 and the MG2. The inverter generates heat during the conversion process, and this heat could damage the inverter if a cooling system is unavailable. Therefore, similar to the MG1 and the MG2, the inverter is cooled by a dedicated cooling system, which consists of an electric water pump, cooling fan, and radiator. This cooling system is independent of the engine cooling system.

When diagnostic codes are checked, the code present is P0A93. If the warning is ignored and the car is continuously driven, there is a great risk of overheating the hybrid inverter. An inverter replacement is much more costly and time consuming than simply replacing the pump, so my advice is to take action quickly. 

Typically, when the pump dies, its because its DC brushless motor fails internally. This usually keeps the warning light illuminated, but sometimes the failure may be intermittent and the warning light will come and go. If your having intermittent warning lights and P0A93 code in the diagnostic history, its best to go ahead and get the pump replaced.



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